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  1. nen, no sabia que havies fet pointing!!

    Molt xules les fotos, ja començavem a pensar que realment tu no hi eres a tot aquells llocs…

  2. Your namaste is pretty good!

    Trivial Question – did you know what are those wheels for?
    Those that you took pictures with in Nepal, those that you can turn, turn and turn…

  3. Gràcies Anna! sisi a Baños, Ecuador un pont de 80 m.

    Fui I think they are prayer wheels, usually tibetan, with some mantras written. You should go always around them on the left side and make it run. It helps you to get good karma, purify the bad one and get wisdom. I also was used to think in my friends and family sending good vibes to them every time I turned them :)

  4. Very good, so you do know they are prayer wheels and what it is for.

    In both Tibetian and Buddhism, there is a belief.
    Pilgrims do “3 bows 1 knee and full body face down the earth” prayer for their whole journey to the temple. When they reach the temple, they start turning these prayer wheels. The belief is there are 9 levels of journey to Avatar, while human life consists only up most at the 3rd level. The prayer wheels like you said it helps you to get good karma, purify the bad one and get Wisdom. With that, a soul could break the cycle and reaching the higher level to Avatar. Thus, when the pilgrims complete their prayer journey and reach the temple, they turn the prayer wheels, turns, turns and turns, they believe they are turning their faith to the Holy. :-)

  5. Aloha Francesc!!! Impressionant el teu blog, els teus viatges .. les vivències!!
    M’encanta!! :D
    Des d’aquí et seguim en les teves rutes!!
    Salut! *Estel*

  6. Hi ha milions de cançons al món i just quan li he donat al pause del que jo estava escoltant per veure el teu video, ha començat a sonar la mateixa cançó d’ Antonia Font que jo estava sentint.

    M’està sent molt útil el blog. Jo començaré el viatge l’any que vé.

    Segueix disfrutant,


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