Trourist, keep traveling real

There´s a huge gap between visiting a city and living it.

Trourist es un espacio donde los viajeros pueden compartir sus experiencias reales, crear y compartir itinerarios y llenarlos de contenidos y experiencias.

Living a city is about doing those things that locals do and going where locals go, activities and locations unknown — and hidden — to the tourist just passing through.

TROURIST wants to put you there right in the thick of things and help you, the traveler, live your destinations. We’re no mere web nor ordinary portal.

Not by a long shot. Rather, TROURIST is a travelling approach, style and philosophy whose aims are based on the following principles:

  • Getting Real — A Trourist traveler doesn’t travel to disconnect; he or she seeks to connect to the world, and new worlds, instead.
  • Helping Out — Trourist is a travelling case, your personal luggage, stuffed with experiences that can be repeated over and over again.
  • Staying diverse — Every city in the world has a TROURIST link.
  • People, our most valuable asset — People make one destination different from another. Naturally, TROURIST is comprised of people. People who yearn for new experiences and, for whom, travelling is everything.
  • Friends, who we listen to – Friends are our most reliable source of info when it comes to planning or creating a trip. After all, who knows you better than your friends?

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